Chapter 402 Demon Horde (Teaser)

Chapter 402 Demon Horde

As the ground shook, several vicious and savage growls echoed out at the same time. Instantly, the entire city began to tremble due to this massive soundwave. Meanwhile, a blood moon was hung up in the sky, while streams of blood-red moonlight poured down and added an additional vicious tinge to that demon horde.

On top of the city wall, almost everyone had dashed on top of it. As they stared at that never-ending demon horde outside of the city wall, all of their faces turned extremely grim. Thankfully, most of them were fairly capable. Therefore, even though they were stunned by this sight, they did not panic.

Lin Dong also lept onto the city wall that was closest to his stone hut. As he cast his gaze out of the city wall, a blood-red hue filled his sight until it eventually extended till the limits of his vision. Those blood-red were formed from countless blood-red ape eyes, while an exceedingly overwhelming vicious aura shot through the sky, causing the blood-red moon to be dyed even more blood-red. It was difficult for one to imagine just how many Demonic Beasts were gathered...

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