Chapter 400 Assembly Point (Teaser)

Chapter 400 Assembly Point

Five figures swept across the vast and endless wild plains like lightning. Low wind sounds spread out from the surroundings of the five figures, echoing in the distance.

These five figures were naturally Lin Dong and the others who had just reached the ancient battlefield not long ago. Their destination this time was the gathering point nearest to their location. After all, this was their first time here and everything was extremely unfamiliar to them. Additionally, the black night of the ancient battlefield was extremely dangerous to them, hence, they needed to reach the gathering point before darkness descended. Or else, once night arrived, the land would be under the rule of the Demonic Beasts and other strange creatures, which would be extremely dangerous for them.

While they rushed towards the gathering point, Lin Dong and gang encountered people from other empires. However, when both sides met, before Lin Dong and the rest could have any thoughts, these parties from other empires would rapidly back off like easily frightened birds. Their vigilant appearances caused Lin Dong and gang to have no choice...

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