Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space

Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space

The ancient battlefield was a space that had been left behind from an ancient time. It was said that countless years ago, an earth-shattering war had broke out on this land.

The epic war was fought between entities that transcended even the super sects of the East Xuan Region today. It was described by many as world-shaking, earth-breaking and even space-shattering. The current size of the ancient battlefield was many folds smaller than it used to be at its peak, a result of the earth-shattering war.

However, even though the ancient battlefield’s vastness had shrunken many fold, it was still much bigger than the Great Yan Empire by an unknown number of times. Even the Ancient Tablet space that Lin Dong had entered in the past paled in comparison to this place.

There were countless treasure troves within this ancient battlefield. It was not known how many practitioners from long gone eras left their inheritances in this place, quietly awaiting a predestined individual to uncover them. Ever since the ancient battlefield was chosen as the venue for the Hundred Empire War, there was bound to be a lucky individual who found one of these inheritances...

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