Chapter 393 The Mysterious Entity in Lin Langtian’s Body

Chapter 393 The Mysterious Entity in Lin Langtian’s Body

“A powerful Yuan Spirit,” Little Marten’s voice rang across Lin dong’s mind rapidly.

“Yuan Spirit?”

Upon hearing this unfamiliar term, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed drastically. He already knew that there were some elites who are able to use their Yuan Power to form a Yuan Spirit once their powers had reached a certain level. As long as they had successfully formed a Yuan Spirit and kept it from dying, even if their physical bodies were destroyed, they would have a chance to rebirth. Naturally, this kind of state was far too powerful and even Li Dong had to hear this from Little Marten.

Hence, he did not actually expect Lin Langtian to possess a mysterious Yuan Spirit inside his body.

“Previously, I had a confrontation with him at the bottom of the pool. This Yuan Spirit is considerably weak, hence we do not need to be afraid of it. In my opinion, even if this Yuan Spirit has his physical body, he can’t be compared to me in my peak phase,” There was a tinge of arrogance in Little Marten’s voice. It seemed that in those days, Little Marten must be a considerably powerful being. With regards to this fact, Lin Dong did not have any doubts or susp...

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