Chapter 392: Snatching Everything

Chapter 392: Snatching Everything

Lin Langtian hovered in mid-air as he stared in shock at the exceptionally clear waters. He could feel that all the energy in his region of the Sacred Spirit Pool had been completely snatched by Lin Dong!

Furthermore, this robbery was extremely unreasonable and did not leave even a single shred of energy for him!

However, what caused him to be stunned was that Lin Dong’s move was able to completely overwhelm the formation that had been set up by the presence inside his body. When that black hole appeared previously, Lin Langtian could clearly feel that his formation was unable to resist it before being completely destroyed. In front of the black hole, the overwhelming Devouring Force was just like a child’s toy that was instantly wrecked.

“You bastard, return me the energy!”

Though he was in shock, when Lin Langtian saw the completely drained pool waters, rage instantly gushed in his heart. Immediately, he growled out in anger as an exceedingly formidable...

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