Chapter 391 Scramble for Power

Chapter 391 Scramble for Power

Lin Dong silently sat on the surface of the water. Currently, he was no longer anxious about absorbing the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool. His Mental Energy spread out bit by bit, completely enveloping the area he was at. As long as there was the slightest disturbance, he would immediately sense it.

In the beginning, the disturbance he was waiting for did not appear, however, Lin Dong was not worried. He already understood Lin Langtian extremely well, the latter would definitely not sit still and let Lin Dong enjoy the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool.

Reality turned out as Lin Dong had expected. The silence did not last for long as a disturbance finally appeared on the quiet surface of the Sacred Spirit Pool. This disturbance suddenly enlarged in a very short time, and Lin Dong lifted his head only to see waters at the northern part of the Sacred Spirit Pool violently churning.

“Is is finally about to make his move…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. He could sense a powerful energy from the churning water. It looks...

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