Chapter 390: Various Means

Chapter 390: Various Means

Lin Dong’s body slowly descended in mid-air and landed on the surface on the lake. When he lowered his head and looked at the tree kingfisher like emerald green water, he clicked his tongue in wonder. He could feel a peculiar energy in the water that gave off a warm yet powerful sensation. Faintly, it gave one a slightly chilly and rejuvenating sensation.

“Is this the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool? It is indeed magicial.”

Lin Dong softly praised before lifting his head. This Sacred Spirit Pool was not too small and each person could occupy a pretty spacious section. They were allowed to absorb as much energy as they could from their respective section.

“The water in this pool indeed has the scent of ancient heavenly beast.”

Little Marten suddenly flashed and appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder. It waved its claw at the pool as shock flashed across its eyes: “There is an obscure remnant aura in the deeper regions of the Sacred Spirit Pool. If I am not mistaken, there should probably be an ancient heavenly beast corpse below. Based on its aura, that heavenly...

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