Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool

Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool

The next day, as a ray of morning sun split through the horizon and shone upon the Imperial City, an astonishing vigor broke out in the most flourished city in the Great Yan Empire instantly. Various kinds of noises came together and resounded through sky.

For the past few days, the hot topic in the Imperial City had been revolving around the Battle of Seeds. With regards to the most rigorous competition among the younger generation in the Great Yan Empire, almost everyone embraced an attitude of huge interest and curiosity towards it. They wanted to know who were the ones, amongst the gathering of numerous talents, that had successfully obtained the placings.

Even though the Battle of Seeds was carried out in the Imperial Palace, news of this matter could not be concealed. As such, on the second day after the competition had ended, almost the entire Imperial City knew about the results. And the most amazing part of the results was that a youth named Lin Dong was among the victors.

After all, among the...

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