Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night

Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night

The Battle of Seeds, the competition of the highest standards in the Great Yan Empire, had finally concluded after an intense battle. What drew the most envy during this selection was naturally the Lin Clan. It had been a long time since a faction managed to occupy two spots. Yet, the Lin Clan had been graced by such fortune this time, undoubtedly causing others to be very envious.

After the conclusion of the Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong and the rest did not linger much longer in the imperial palace. Instead, they directly returned to the place where they stayed at in order to rest.

In this Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong undoubtedly had the most difficult victory. Naturally, this was not due to a lack of strength, but rather, the opponents that he met were all simply too formidable. In fact, even Lin Dong had to marvel at Wang Zhong’s strength. He was indeed someone that even Lin Langtian could not handle. In fact, even Lin Dong had use to utilize numerous methods before barely achieving victory.

Based on Lin Dong’s estimation, even if Lin Langtian met Wang Zhong, if he did not use the mysterious presence inside his body, he would find it difficult to defeat the latter.

After such an exhausting battle, Lin Dong was naturally extremely tired. Therefore,...

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