Chapter 386: End of the Selection

Chapter 386: End of the Selection

The outside of the hall sunk into a brief silence when they saw the final figure that had walked out of the large purplish gold door. Even a legendary figure like Mo Jingtian stared at the figure in a daze. Later on, they turned to look at Wang Zhong, who had collapsed on the ground, and only then did they realize that they had made the final conclusion too early previously.

Because the final person that had walked out from the hall was Lin Dong!

Taking a look at the heavily injured and unconscious Wang Zhong, before casting a glance at a slightly dishevelled, blood-stained Lin Dong, who still had a bright and formidable glint in his eyes, everyone knew that in the fight between the two, Lin Dong had the final laugh...

The high platform remained silent. In fact, even Lin Fan’s and Wang Lei’s eyes revealed that they were in a dazed state, clearly yet to have recovered from this sudden and unexpected outcome. As for the other factions leaders, their eyes were...

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