Chapter 385 The Placing

Chapter 385 The Placing


Under the nervous gazes of the faction leaders on the high wall, one of the massive purple-golden doors opened slowly. The creaking sound, which was caused by the friction in the door axis, was crushing their minds and causing everyone’s breathing to get heavier. At this moment, the usual calmness and dignity in everyone had been seemingly dissipated.

Facing a ray of sunshine, the purple-golden door had completely opened. A slim figure walked out of the door slowly and appeared before everyone’s eyes.

That figure had an extremely handsome face, so much so that it looked faintly feminine. He was dressed in a green robe, accompanied by a refined taste.

Green-robed Mo Ling.

The first person to walk out from the massive purple-golden door was actually the Imperial Family’s Third Royal Prince!

The atmosphere on the high wall began to quiet down. Soon after, everyone went forward to congratulate Mo Jingtian while secretly sighing at the same time. The Imperial Family was truly worthy of their reputation and strong foundation. The first spot had been pocketed by them effortlessly.

“Haha, thanks everyone.”

Upon hearing these congratulations, Mo Jingtian’s face was beaming with...

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