Chapter 384 Bloody Battle

Chapter 384 Bloody Battle


The hall seemed to shudder as Lin Dong’s finger slowly moved forward, and as the finger pointed out, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body swiftly flowed in at an astonishing rate.

The space behind Lin Dong seemed as if it was being ripped apart as an enormous ancient finger that was a hundred feet large slowly tore apart space and appeared!

The giant ancient finger was covered all over in mysterious patterns full of terrifying undulations that could make the heavens tremble. Compared to when he fought with Lin Langtian, the fourth finger Lin Dong used this time was not only more ancient and solid, its power was also clearly much greater.

This kind of attack was enough to completely destroy an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. In fact, even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner must temporarily avoid it!


As the giant ancient finger tore apart space and appeared, the overflowing blood sea formed by Wang Zhong and the Blood Devil Asura Spear arrived. A formidable to the...

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