Chapter 377: Huangpu Ying (Teaser)

Chapter 377: Huangpu Ying

On top of a high wall at the northern side of the large palace, Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and several other factions’ leaders were all gathered there. At a short distance in front of them, was a arena. The arena was connected with the palace and there were a total of five tunnels. The five of them who emerged from these five tunnels, will be the five selected nominees of the Battle of Seeds!

On top of that high wall, were several screens. These screens were depicting the events that was occurring inside the palace. Several of their figures flashed as they were battling intensively against their opponents. Meanwhile, Lin Fan and the rest were continuously staring at these screens. Their tense bodies indicated just how nervous their hearts were. They were extremely concerned with obtaining the qualifications. Hence, even though this was only the first round of the Battle of Seeds, they did not dare to relax at all.


The crowd’s attention suddenly turned and concentrated on a particular...

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