Chapter 376 Moving Mountain Generals

Chapter 376 Moving Mountain Generals

The lights flickered within the enormous great black hall. Numerous night light pearls were embedded into the several hundred feet tall dome of the great hall. Rays of bright light shone down onto the black floor, giving it a chilling lustre.

The atmosphere within the great hall was somewhat tense. At the centre of the great hall, two men stood with their arms folded as they stared at the slowly approaching Lin Dong with a cold and pitying look. After a moment, one of the men who had a sword scar on his face finally opened his mouth. His voice was deep and husky, causing one to not dare to hold any contempt for him.

“I know you. Lin Dong, an influential figure who recently emerged all of a sudden in the Great Yan Empire. It is said that even Lin Langtian cannot handle you.”

Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped as he heard the voice of the scarred-face man. He was now likewise standing at the centre of the great hall and looked towards the two men in front of him. Although he knew that he was rather unfortunate to have encountered this kind...

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