Chapter 374: Green Robes Mo Ling

Chapter 374: Green Robes Mo Ling

Under the crowd’s stare, a golden glow swept across the horizon before it slowly descended on the arena. When that golden glow dissipated, three figures emerged.

The person in front was a bare armed middle-aged man and he looked like a brute. As his eyes scanned across the arena, an extremely formidable and savage aura emerged. However, what caused Lin Dong to turn solemn was that this man’s aura did not lose out to Lin Fan at all. That was to say he was a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner!

“The Wang Clan is indeed a huge faction that is able to rival the Lin Clan…” As he sensed that middle-aged man’s strength, Lin Dong secretly swallowed his tongue. These large factions were truly powerful. In fact, in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, the only factions that possessed the resources to allow one to reach Nirvana stage were probably those few. However, Lin Dong also believed that the Nirvana stage was the extent of the Four Great Clan’s resources.

In the Lin Clan, Lin Mu had already reached the peak of Manifestation stage and he had the qualifications to attack Nirvana stage....

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