Chapter 373 The Gathering of Geniuses

Chapter 373 The Gathering of Geniuses

Two days later, Lin Dong and the Lin Clan’s entourage finally reached the Imperial City smoothly. They then had a rest in the Imperial City for three days. During these three days, Lin Dong had roughly experienced the grandiose and prestige of the legendary Imperial City.

However, upon reaching the third day, the time for leisure was finally over. As Lin Dong saw Lin Fan, whose face suddenly looked tense and imposing, he knew that the Battle of Seeds was about to start soon.

Within these three days, there had been a continuous arrivals of entourages from various Great Yan Empire’s reputable sects. This in turn ignited the atmosphere in the Imperial City. Even though the Battle of Seeds was an internal affair, news of this matter still spread wide and far. Anyone who did the math could guess that other than the Great Yan Empire’s legendary Battle of Seeds, what else could be responsible for the influx of great sects from various provinces and regions scattered across the empire?

As the news spread, it undoubtedly became the hottest topic in the entire Imperial City instantly. Everyone was discussing about the Battle...

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