Chapter 368 Give Face But Don’t Want Face (Teaser)

Chapter 368 Give Face But Don’t Want Face

Lin Zhi and the other three elders congregated on a pavilion outside the clan trove, their gazes tightly fixed onto the stone door of the clan trave. All them wore exceptionally grim expressions. Their originally flawless plan had completely unfurled and it was directly foiled by Lin Dong. For them, this was simply too embarrassing.

“That kid has already stayed in the clan trove for half a month, are we still going to continue waiting?” One of the elders wearing a gloomy expression opened his mouth and inquired.

In the past half a month, the four of them had closely guarded this place, however, Lin Dong showed no indications of appearing. This caused the four of them to become rather frustrated, given their status, what kind of younger generation would have the qualifications to make them wait in such a bitter manner?

“That kid has quite a few tricks, who knows what would happen if we carelessly enter the clan trove. If we wait outside, that brat will eventually come out. At that time, what could he possibly do?” Another elder sneered and said. Over the past half a month, they had been constantly brooding over the red light that had flashed past their...

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