Chapter 366 Heavy Prison Peak (Teaser)

Chapter 366 Heavy Prison Peak

“Soul Treasure?”

Hearing what was said, Little Marten was shocked as well. A curious look swiped across its eyes and it used its claw to tap lightly on the tiny black hill. After that, copying Lin Dong’s actions, it tried to lift the tiny black mountain up. However, this weird object did not move at all. It seemed to be embedded to the huge boulder below it.

“Such a strange object. There isn’t any energy waves emitting from it either. Besides, if it is really a Soul Treasure, according to such special situation, it is bound to be taken by someone and not left here like this,” Little Marten said confusedly.

“Let me try to see if I can move it telekinetically.”

Lin Dong’s full attention was being drawn to the mysterious little black hill. He then used his finger to shoot out a beam of Yuan Power, which engulfed the little black hill.

However, what happened next puzzled Lin Dong and Little Marten. Under the binding of the Yuan Power, the little black hill did not move a single bit as before. There were...

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