Chapter 363 The Clan Trove (Teaser)

Chapter 363 The Clan Trove

The next day, before dawn broke, Lin Dong had already finished his training. Today, he was going to visit the Lin Clan’s clan trove. With regards to this matter, he had shown great interest. The Lin Clan’s foundations were extremely strong, as such, there would certainly be numerous mystical artifacts within the clan trove. Besides, he was lacking a Soul Treasure now. Hence, with this opportunity to enter the clan trove, he must obtain some sort of benefits, no matter what.

Lin Dong walked out of the tranquil courtyard and followed the path to where he was supposed to meet Elder Lin Mu. On the way there, he had met many members of Lin Clan. However, upon seeing him, most people began to clear the way for him while their eyes were filled with confusion and discretion.

However, Lin Dong did not pay much attention to these gazes. Making a turn right in front of the path he was walking on, a training field came into sight.

The training field was where the members of Lin Clan trained everyday. Even though it was still early in the morning, there were already several young boys and...

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