Chapter 362 The World Beyond Great Yan Empire

Chapter 362 The World Beyond Great Yan Empire

When Lin Dong finally agreed, a smile of satisfaction emerged on Lin Fan’s face. Given Lin Dong’s capabilities, even if there were prodigies from other clans and dominions, they would stand no chance. With him and Lin Langtian, the Lin Clan could certainly obtained excellent results this time.

“Clan leader, can you explain what exactly is the Hundred Empire War?” Lin Dong looked at Lin Fan and asked. He was particularly curious about this so-called Hundred Empire War.

“Hehe, the Hundred Empire War, as the name implies, is the battle among hundreds of empires,” Lin Fan nodded his head. He then chuckled, “Lin Dong, do you know what lies beyond the Great Yan Empire?”

“I’m not sure.” Lin Dong smiled bitterly. Even though he learned a lot in the past two years, he only knew there were other empires outside of the Great Yan Empire. As for the detailed information, he knew nothing at all. After all, in his opinion, today’s Great Yan Empire was vast enough. A lot of people spent their entire lifetime in the Great Yan Empire. What lay beyond this empire were far too alien and distant.

“The land we are on is called the Xuan region. The Xuan region is being divided...

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