Chapter 360 End of the Lin Clan Gathering

Chapter 360 End of the Lin Clan Gathering

Deafening, thunderous cheers resounded throughout the enormous battle arena. Even those who came to watch the battle could not help but nod their heads in an approving manner. The previous earth-shaking battle had indeed left a sense of contentment in people’s hearts.

A variety of skills and techniques emerged endlessly from two of the most exceptional talents in the Lin Clan, and it left everyone on fire with zeal. At the same time, many branch families were green with envy and jealousy inevitably. If their families were to produce such outstanding talents, they would surely secure a foothold in the Great Yan Empire. It was a pity that they did not have the luck to possess such extraordinary individuals in their families.

This clan gathering was the most exciting one compared to the previous clan gatherings. Even though the outcome of the battle was intervened by Lin Fan and there were some discrepancies, Lin Dong’s crowning as the champion was unanimous with no objections at all. Even the inner clan members had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong’s ability was completely on par with Lin Langtian!

They understood that from now on, the title of Lin Clan’s...

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