Chapter 358 Desperate Struggle (Teaser)

Chapter 358 Desperate Struggle


The land shuddered with a loud rumble as if it had suddenly become a frying pan. It was as if Yuan Power was the oil within the pan as it crashed about and churned frantically, a scene that seemingly made one’s spirit feel as if it was leaving one’s body.

The entire enormous battle arena turned silent in the face of such a frightening sight, and even initial Manifestation stage practitioners felt a heart palpitating sensation. They were truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong was able to rely on his half-step-to Manifestation stage status to produce a power that even advanced Manifestation stage practitioners were unable to!

This fellow, was he a human or a monster?

Lin Zhentian and the rest were stupefied as they watched the scene in the sky, while their bodies involuntarily trembled. None of them even dreamed that the youngster who had yet to reach the Form Creation stage two years ago would actually be this strong a short two years later.

“Dong-er’s strength can likely be considered...

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