Chapter 355: Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal! (Teaser)

Chapter 355: Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!


Savage Yuan Power erupted in the sky, directly detonating the air in the surrounding thousand feet radius, causing loud cannon noises to continuously echo out.

Countless pairs of eyes stared nervously at the sky. The Yuan Power shockwaves there had reached an astonishingly berserk level. In the face of such shockwaves, even a half-step-to Manifestation stage would be in a perilous situation if he was drawn in!


Two figures crossed blows as an alarming force swept out. Both of them promptly retreated several hundred steps before they finally steadied themselves.

Amidst such an intense and vicious fight, neither displayed any signs of gaining the upperhand!

This sight caused several people to marvel in their hearts, stunned by the fact that Lin Dong could actually fight evenly against Lin Langtian. Judging from the current situation, this branch family member definitely did not lose out to the legendary Lin Clan genius Lin Langtian!

In the sky, Lin Langtian’s shoulder fiercely jolted, deflecting a stealthy force. His eyes were grim...

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