Chapter 352 Two Words for You (Teaser)

Chapter 352 Two Words for You


Under the watch of countless gazes, in the final round, Lin Qing and Lin Mu, the two geniuses who were second only to Lin Langtian in the Lin Clan, were completely defeated at Lin Dong’s hands!

In a flash, intense shock climbed up everyone’s faces bit by bit. They stared at the two unsightly deep scars on the enormous arena, the astonishment in their hearts undoubtedly rising to the limit.

No one had expected this kind of outcome. Everyone believed that Lin Dong had spoken arrogant words previously. Yet, at this moment, the sneers of the people, who originally had mouths full of ridicule and were preparing to watch a good show, slowly froze. They looked rather comical and laughable like clowns.

A deathly stillness enveloped the humongous battle arena. In the end, it was broken by the sky shattering applause that suddenly erupted. The gazes that once again looked towards the young figure no longer had any traces of mockery, and instead, only reverence for the strong. Over these years, it was mostly the main clan members who enjoyed limitless glory during...

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