Chapter 342 Thunder Body Mastered (Teaser)

Chapter 342 Thunder Body Mastered

Little Marten appeared in a flash, its body hovering mid-air between the five globs of Demonic Beast essence blood. Lin Dong’s qiankun bag flew forth from his sleeve as it waved its claws.

“These Demonic Beast essence blood are extremely tyrannical in nature. Although you have the protection of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, you will still be unable to maximise the transformation of your bones and marrow unless the essence blood merges thoroughly within you. So you’ll need to rely on the power of a formation,” Little Marten’s explained, claws waving simultaneously.

An unending stream of Pure Yuan pills flew out from the qiankun bag, covering even the skies and eventually hovering in mid-air, shining with brilliance.

These Pure Yuan pills amounted up to approximately two hundred thousand, yet Lin Dong did not feel a pinch as his present wealth was still considered adequate.

This mental state,...

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