Chapter 335: To Eliminate Weeds, You Must Cut The Roots

Chapter 335: To Eliminate Weeds, You Must Cut The Roots

The black hole at the center of Lin Dong’s palm rapidly spread outwards as an incomparably powerful devouring power swiftly gushed out. Under the suctions of the devouring power, Teng Sha immediately felt waves of intense pain from his mind, as if all of his Mental Energy was being forcibly torn from his body.

“Lin Dong, let me off, I am willing to be your underling! I will give you anything you want!” Teng Sha had finally given up all hope, his hoarse voice urgently shrieking as he smelt the thick scent of death.

From Teng Sha’s point of view, as he faced certain death, there was nothing he would not do in order to keep his life. After all, he was a cold hearted and immoral man. In fact, previously, in order to halt Lin Dong, he even ruthlessly attacked Teng Lei and caused him to nearly die. Therefore, at this juncture, in order to keep his life, he would agree to any seemingly impossible request.

“Little brother Lin Dong, Teng Sha is a vicious man. If you allow him to live, there will certainly be trouble in the future!” Nearby, Mu Lei, Wu Zong and the rest were incomparably nervous as they watched. If...

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