Chapter 334 Wiping Out the Cult

Chapter 334 Wiping Out the Cult

On the enormous Mysterious Black Yin mountaintop, numerous groaning Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners covered the ground while miserable howls of grief continuously sounded out. Lin Dong had forcibly shattered the great formation, causing an extremely huge blow to them. If it were not for the fact that they were many in number, it was likely that quite a number of them would be directly killed on the spot...


On the plaza, a reddish hue also surfaced on the Ghastly Puppet Cult left and right elders’ faces, before they involuntarily vomits a mouthful of fresh blood and their auras instantly withered. Their eyes were filled with a thick, unconcealable terror. Never did they ever imagine that the sect protecting great formation powered by all the practitioners in the Ghastly Puppet Cult would actually be broken apart by Lin Dong. Even at Teng Sha’s peak, it was very difficult for him to do so!

Around the plaza, the various practitioners of the Great Desolate Province watched this sight with alarm in their eyes. The ones who had originally thought that Lin Dong was here to throw away his life now tightly shut their mouths. Even a faction as powerful as the Ghastly Puppet Cult had suffered a crushing defeat at Lin Dong’s hands, who else would be able to stop this god of killing in the Great Desolate...

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