Chapter 331: Bloody Battle

Chapter 331: Bloody Battle

Swish swish!

The waves formed from Yuan Power materialized behind Teng Sha’s back. As those waves swept forth, a hua-la-la water flowing sound actually echoed out and caused one to wonder if these huge waves were in fact formed from Yuan Power, or if they were real waves.

Waves threshed through the horizons as if they were going to sweep across the entire horizon. Meanwhile, Teng Sha was surfing on that giant wave, just like a demon god, while a terrifying aura slowly emerged from within his body and extended across the horizons.

Evidently, Teng Sha had fully pushed his advanced Manifestation stage ability to the maximum!

In the arena, countless pairs of eyes stared in shock at that gigantic waves rolling across the horizon. All of them understood that the instant these waves crashed down, a bloody river would surely follow!

The Yuan Power of an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner is actually this potent. As they stared at that Yuan Power waves that were several hundred meters tall, even Mu Lei and Wu Ci, who were at initial Manifestation stage, were...

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