Chapter 330: Massive Battle Against Advanced Manifestation

Chapter 330: Massive Battle Against Advanced Manifestation

A gust swept across the arena and brought along a nauseating bloody smell. As they stared at the pool of blood on the arena, every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioner felt a chill violently gush out from within their hearts.

“Such powerful Mental Energy… he can probably rival a high-grade Symbol Master!” Over at the seats, shock flashed across Mu Lei’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Promptly, he sucked in a breath of cold air as he softly muttered.

Standing aside, when Mu Qianqian heard his words, she involuntarily bit her red lips, while disbelief filled her beautiful eyes. She was clearly aware that the previous time she met Lin Dong, the latter’s Mental Energy was merely at low-grade Symbol Master. However, in less than a year… he had actually improved by leaps and bounds!

High-grade Symbol Masters possess formidable Mental Energy. In fact, even in the entire Great Desolate Province, there are only a few individuals who can match up to him. It’s no wonder he can directly destroy a half-step-to Manifesting practitioner like Cao Zhen with his palm alone.

Over at the seats, several leaders...

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