Chapter 327 Advancing to Half-step-to Manifestation (Teaser)

Chapter 327 Advancing to Half-step-to Manifestation

In the dark depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, when Lin Dong opened his eyes, an extremely overwhelming aura suddenly erupted from his body like a volcano that had brewed for a long time. As this aura erupted, even the surrounding Earth Terminus Cold Qi were completely scattered.

“You’ve succeeded?”

Floating above the Eight Eye Earth Devil Spider, Little Marten was also disturbed by this aura as delight gushed up in its eyes and it asked.

The black hole behind Lin Dong slowly dissipated while his body gently floated to the ground. An extremely intense light flickered in his eyes, and the Yuan Power undulations emitted by his body was several times stronger than before.

“Advanced to the Manifestation stage already?” Little Marten flew to Lin Dong’s front and urgently inquired.

“Bare I guess.” Lin Dong closed his eyes and felt the condition of his body. Soon after, he chuckled and said: “Should be half-step-to Manifestation. Still a step away from the initial Manifestation stage.”

“Half-step-to Manifestation eh… that’s really not bad.” Little Marten was taken aback. Soon after, it sincerely remarked. After all, Lin Dong’s strength had really risen too quickly...

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