Chapter 322 Acknowledgement of the Ancestral Symbol (Teaser)

Chapter 322 Acknowledgement of the Ancestral Symbol

In the quiet starry space, Lin Dong stared at an ancient symbol to his front and suddenly realized that even at this moment when it was worth going crazy with joy over, he was rather calm, at which he could not help but be a little stunned and speechless. That endless darkness was heart palpitating, but he had walked in it for only god knows how long.

In the darkness, there were no vicious attacks or attacks from great formations as he had imagined, but that kind of quiet darkness was more cruel than any deadly strike.

Lin Dong was unable to imagine how he had passed through that terrifying world of darkness, but he could still feel the faint remaining smell of fear in his mind. It was a state of mind that had been created in the world of darkness.

Within the endless darkness where even one’s body did not exist, he had almost lost himself once and sank into the darkness...

Even the path of light that had appeared behind him in the end was a cruel test....

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