Chapter 321: The Dark World

Chapter 321: The Dark World

That ancient symbol silently hovered in front of Lin Dong. That symbol was not large and it was merely the size of a human skull. Furthermore, that symbol did not have a fix trajectory and instead it only wiggled occasionally. As it fluctuated, regardless of how the symbol fluctuated, it’s body slowly swirled just like a black-hole, while traces of an domineering suction force that could absorb the heavens flowed out continuously, and caused the entire domain to shake.

It was a black hole, a black hole created by a Heavenly Symbol!

Lin Dong stared solemnly at that “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. Right now, there were no movements coming from that Ancestral Symbol. It seemed like it was still asleep. However, amidst this silence, Lin Dong could still feel that the Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace was still vibrating continuously, while a fearful sensation emerged from within...

Lin Dong’s Destiny Soul Symbols were originally derived from the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. Now that they have encountered the original body, it was natural for them to experience such emotions.

“Hehe, is...

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