Chapter 315 Chaos (Teaser)

Chapter 315 Chaos

A blurry figure swept out from the top of Mysterious Black Yin Mountain. Faint sonic booms sounded out around his body, booming out in the quiet night...

When the sonic booms spread, the atmosphere in the deathly quiet surroundings of Ghastly Puppet City instantly exploded as exceptionally piercing shrieks of shock sounded out in the night.

“Heavens, that fellow has snatched away the treasure?!”

“How is that possible, how is that possible! Even nine powerful Manifestation stage practitioners could do nothing about the seal on the treasure, how can that fellow possibly snatch it away?!”

“Crazy, it’s going to be crazy…”


Countless cries detonated like a volcano in the quiet night. In an instant, countless people’s eyes turned blood red. If the treasure stayed in the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s hands, in the face of their intimidation, it was likely that no one would dare to be tempted, but now… the treasure was suddenly stolen. Hence, did it not mean that as long as the thief was killed, one would have to chance to obtain the treasure?

“That guy… really snatched...

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