Chapter 313 Advanced Manifestation Stage (Teaser)

Chapter 313 Advanced Manifestation Stage


Upon hearing Teng Sha’s stern shout that was full of murder, the numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners orderly shouted in reply. Overflowing killing intent soared up to the heavens, causing the already windy and chilly sky to become increasingly colder.

Although many Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners had some injuries due to the great formation being broken, they were after all one of the Great Desolate Province’s three top factions. No matter what state they were in today, this was still the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old nest. Of others wanted to mess around, without a little capability, they would truly only be courting death!

As the overflowing killing intent erupted, the originally restless practitioners suddenly became a little more clear headed. Their gazes flickered and did not dare to recklessly make a move. After all, they were not factions like the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance. When faced with a colossus like the Ghastly Puppet Cult, they could not help but be a little more cautious.

The Ghastly Puppet Cult’s intimidation...

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