Chapter 311 Black Eye Phantasm (Teaser)

Chapter 311 Black Eye Phantasm

The enormous blood colored light formation enveloped this piece of sky. All the Yuan Power of this land frantically undulated at this moment, causing the expression of anyone who saw it to change.

“Buzz buzz!”

The blood formation squirmed like a huge sinister mouth. Below the huge mouth was the black colored ball of light. Yet, in the face of such a powerful blood formation, the black light ball was not disturbed at all. It quietly floated in mid-air as if it did not feel the oncoming danger.

Under countless open and secret gazes, Teng Sha stared at the black light ball. Moments later, his body slowly floated upwards, his hands lightning quick as they formed several seals in succession. Soon after, an extremely humongous Yuan Power light pillar flew out from his hands before finally entering the enormous blood formation in the sky.

“Boom boom!”

Following Teng Sha’s actions, the originally already rather berserk blood formation immediately started to churn violently. Layer after layer of blood light was emitted, like blood clouds as they enveloped...

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