Chapter 310: Teng Sha

Chapter 310: Teng Sha

Above the gigantic black plaza, three figure slowly descended into the center of the plaza. When these three figures descended, the surrounding elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners instantly kneeled down, before their orderly and synchronized greetings immediately echoed forth.

“Greetings Sect Leader, left and right great elders!”

Among the three of them, the man in front was dressed in dark-red robes, while a strand of his hair gave off a dark and mysterious glow. Occasionally, when a gentle breeze passed by and roused his hair, it actually squirmed just like a black hole, while a suction force faintly emerged.

Based on this man’s look, he seemed like a middle-aged man and his face was exceedingly pale. Between his knitted eyebrows was filled with a calm and majestic aura. However, the cold curvature on his thin lips led one to understood that this man was no kind-hearted Buddha.

And he, was the current sect leader of Ghastly Puppet Cult, Teng Sha!

Standing beside Teng Sha, were two white haired elder who had stuck their hands into their sleeves. These two elderly man had skinny and bone-dry faces and both of their eyes were shut, giving off the impression that there were about...

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