Chapter 308: Nine Destruction Purple Shadow

Chapter 308: Nine Destruction Purple Shadow

“So how? Are you unwilling?”

As he stared at a glum Teng Lei, Lin Dong gently smiled. However, for the former, his smile looked just like the devil’s.

“The martial art obtained from the Manifestation Martial Tablet is directly imprinted into one’s mind. How do I give it to you?!” Teng Lei gritted his teeth and replied.

“What I want is the martial art inheritance imprinted in your mind.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said. He naturally knew about this fact. The martial art inherited from the Manifestation Martial Tablet had no physical form. Rather, it was imprinted into one’s mind and one could freely access it. Furthermore, as long as others receive the martial arts inheritance, they could also learn that martial art.

It was just like how Lin Dong obtained the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. If he was caught by him, that Teng Lei would surely use every means available to forcefully extract his martial art inheritance!

“You!” When he heard his words, Teng Lei’s facial expression instantly changed. Just as he was about to lash out at him, several Mental Energy flames gradually hovered in front of him. Their peculiar temperature caused his...

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