Chapter 306: Retreating Safely

Chapter 306: Retreating Safely

“How is that possible?!”

As he stared at his gigantic blood python that was crushed by that huge golden finger, a tinge of shock flashed across Cao Zhen’s face. Promptly, his figure swiftly retreated while his fists danced before they transformed into gigantic Yuan Power fists. Then, he viciously thrust it towards Lin Dong.

“You shall break!”

When he saw that Cao Zhen was still resisting, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. Promptly, he suddenly pressed his palm down, while his giant golden finger exploded and all the Yuan Power fists were instantly destroyed in an domineering fashion Then, it viciously slammed against the former’s Yuan Power shield that was in front of him.


After that finger attack, the Yuan Power defences that were plastered over Cao Zhen’s body were instantly dissipated. Then, with an unstoppable force, it tore through his defences and heavily slammed against his body.

After a deep sounding explosion, Cao Zhen’s body was directly blown back several hundred miles. Meanwhile his body tore through several tall buildings along the way, before he was able to stabilize his body...

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