Chapter 305 Nine Sky-Shaking Steps (Teaser)

Chapter 305 Nine Sky-Shaking Steps

Boom boom boom!

In the sky above Great Puppet City, black clouds suddenly gushed about, covering the sky as it turned dark. Terrifying Yuan Power whizzed about, causing loud booming thunder-like sounds.

As they stared at the sky which had changed color in an instant, shock surfaced on the countless people’s faces within Great Puppet City. Was this the might of a Manifestation martial art? Once used, it was actually able to show signs of changing the area, with such power, it was worthy of the name manifestation indeed.

“Manifestation martial art…”

At the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance branch division areas, the practitioners on both sides wore solemn expressions as the stared at the rumbling black clouds in the sky. Faintly, they could sense the terrifying power that was swiftly congregating from the land.

“That bastard!” Teng Lei’s eyelids rapidly jumped due to being so astonished by the strange scene in the sky, but soon after, his heart filled with envy. How could this kind of martial art land in the hands of a nameless younger...

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