Chapter 304 Battle Against Half-step-to Manifestation (Teaser)

Chapter 304 Battle Against Half-step-to Manifestation

“Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen? The Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen who had single handedly massacred the entire Great Yuan Origin Sect?”

“He’s actually still in Great Puppet City? Why has he not appeared for a whole year?”

“I’ve heard that Cao Zhen was at the peak of the Qi Creation stage and he had secluded himself in order to attack the Manifestation stage over these years. I do not know if he succeeded but based on his aura, he must be at least at the half-step-to Manifestation level!”

“Half-step-to Manifestation! I did not expect that Great Puppet City’s Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division would actually have such a powerful practitioner on guard. Lin Dong has truly miscalculated this time!”

“This is going to be really exciting. Half-step-to Manifestation. This can already be considered as one of the highest levels in the Great Desolate Province. One really does not know what Lin Dong’s chances of victory are against him.”

“I feel like his chances of victory should not exceed thirty percent. Half-step-to Manifestation. Although he is only halfway to reach the Manifestation stage, there is still an extremely enormous gap between it and the advanced Qi Creation stage…”


Gazing at the blood-colored figure of light which had flew out from...

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