Chapter 301 Provocation at the Door (Teaser)

Chapter 301 Provocation at the Door

Quite some changes had occurred to the current Little Flame’s body. The blood colored scales that densely covered its body flickered with a weak blood light and faintly gave off traces of a fiendish aura.

Moreover, there were some strange patterns on the blood colored scales which condensed into the outline of a dragon. The python tail on its back sinisterly hissed, blood colored energy undulating and gathering at its mouth. The eerie fangs within the python’s mouth also caused one to feel a chill.


Blood light pervaded the air around Little Flame as it raised its head to the sky and roared. A blood light immediately spread out from its body in a ring shape, directly jolting the lake and causing countless huge water pillars to burst out.

“Heh, this stupid tiger. It dares to be so arrogant after merely forming a Demonic Spirit!” Upon seeing Little Flame’s appearance, Little Marten could not help but laugh weirdly.

Just as Little Marten’s words fell, Little Flame front paw stepped forward, the python tail covered...

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