Chapter 293: Primordial Blood Bat Dragon

Chapter 293: Primordial Blood Bat Dragon

A roar full of an ancient flavor abruptly sounded out from under the crumbled plaza. After which, a blood red light pillar suddenly burst out from within!

“Ch Ch!”

Blood light streaked across the horizon. The bodies of each and every practitioner that touched this blood red light was practically ripped apart in an instant. Immediately, fresh blood poured down from the skies, bringing with it shriek after miserable shriek.

When they saw how terrifying the blood light was, the expressions of the practitioners in the plaza drastically changed, as their figures hastily retreated. The treasure hoard’s guardian beast was evidently a rather powerful existence.

Little Flame had evaded earlier and hence was not affected by the terrifying blood light. Lin Dong sat on the tiger’s back, while his gaze concentrated on the smoke and dust curling about the plaza. Based on the power of the attack alone, the guardian beast’s strength was likely even stronger than the Ancient Dragon Ape.

“No wonder even the great four clans said that they are unable to deal with the guardian beast. Turns out, it is actually this powerful…”

Lin Dong’s gaze flashed as he firmly stared down. Suddenly, the earth shook as huge cracks swiftly spread...

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