Chapter 291: Qi Creation Stage

Chapter 291: Qi Creation Stage

Countless light columns gushed out from the martial tablet and filled the horizons. This spectacle far exceeds that of everyone else previously. Furthermore, everyone in the crowd gasped in awe when they saw this sight, as they stared in disbelief at the countless light columns that filled the horizons.

“He is… indeed Lin Langtian. A martial arts that can cause such a commotion must be at Manifestation stage!”

“What a spectacle. The only one who can invoke such a reaction from the martial tablet is probably a legendary genius like Lin Langtian. To have someone like him, the Lin Clan will surely prosper without fail!”



As the crowd whispered in awe, the countless light columns danced before they finally gathered above Lin Langtian’s head. While the light column flowed, they faintly transformed into images of great plains, mountains and rivers. Meanwhile, an exceedingly formidable vibration emerged from within those glowing columns, and caused the entire Heaven and Earth to tremble.

“It is indeed a Manifestation stage martial arts!”

As they stared at the glowing great plains, mountains...

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