Chapter 289: Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger

Chapter 289: Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger

When Mental Energy was sucked in the whirlpool of light, a wave of disorientation also washed across Lin Dong’s mind. Stars spun before his eyes as changes immediately appeared in the surrounding scenery.

The stone platform and the huge plaza quietly disappeared. In their place was an endless starry sky. Lin Dong floated within this vast starry space but did not panic. Instead, his gaze scanned around as he observed his surroundings.

Countless lights streaked across the starry space before his eyes, and within these lights, one could faintly sense energy undulations of differing strengths.

“Are these the martial arts within the Manifestation Martial Tablet?” Lin Dong watched the shooting star like existences. Faintly, there seemed to be images flashing within, as if someone was displaying a martial art.

While he stared at the overwhelming number of shooting stars, Lin Dong’s heart was filled with astonishment. The collection within the Manifestation Martial Tablet was actually this humongous.

Lin Dong slowly...

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