Chapter 288: Occupied

Chapter 288: Occupied

“I will not kill you this time. If you continue to press your luck, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

After he sat on the praying mat, Lin Dong waved his sleeves before that Symbol Puppet flung its palm and viciously threw a flustered Wang Tong towards the Wang Clan members.

It was not that he did not want to kill him. After all, he hated that old fellow into his bones. However, there were tons of elite Wang Clan practitioners around. Therefore, if he really killed him, then they would surely fight with him till the bitter end and they would not let him take this seat peacefully.

Furthermore, even though his high-grade Symbol Puppet was extremely powerful, in order to execute such a powerful attack as before, he would need to spend a ton of pure Yuan Pills. Based on Lin Dong’s current savings, he could not sustain this for a long time. Therefore, it was best for him not to press the Wang Clan too harshly.

Wang Tong’s face was pale as he was being supported by his elite Wang Clan practitioners. Then, he lowered his head...

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