Chapter 287: Captured Forcefully

Chapter 287: Captured Forcefully

“Lin Dong, the seats here are not something a little brat like you can hold on to. This old man is doing this for your own sake. If you’re smart, take the initiative and back off. Since you are somewhat related to the Lin Clan, this old man is willing to let go of the disrespect and dishonor you’ve given to my Wang Clan!”

Wang Tong’s had his hands behind his back as he stared and Lin Dong with an expressionless face while his cold voice echoed in the sky.

“Make your move.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were calm as he stared at Wang Tong and the numerous Wang Clan practitioners behind him and replied with a voice that was likewise like an still ancient well. Evidently, he had long expected this to happen.


Upon hearing this, a sneer flitted across Wang Tong’s eyes. He naturally understood that given Lin Dong’s character, he would never abandon this chance. Hence in a way, he now had an excuse to make a move. Even if others talked about it, he could say that it was Lin Dong who was arrogant, and not him who did not give the latter any chance.

“Uncle Lin Fan!”

When she saw...

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