Chapter 285: Fighting For A Spot

Chapter 285: Fighting For A Spot

After that person sat on the first praying mat, the giant arena descended into silence. From the way the crowd’s eyes were glimmering, evidently many people were thinking of the same thing.

Lin Dong sat on a tiger’s back as he looked down on that somewhat darkened arena. However, he did not immediately take charge. At this juncture, it was better to be patient.

This quiet atmosphere lasted for several minutes, before Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly glimmered as he turned to look at the spot where the Wang Clan was located. At that spot, Wang Yan suddenly stood up before his figure flashed as he tried to approach the praying mats.

“Pfft, Wang Yan, based on your strength alone, do you really think you deserve a spot? Your big brother Wang Zhong is probably the deserving one!” Wang Yan’s actions immediately drew much attention, before some people involuntarily shouted out. It seems like in comparison to someone like Lin Langtian, Wang Yan still had quite a gap. Furthermore, before he entered the Ancient Wastelands Spiritual Tablet, he was defeated by Lin Dong in front of the crowds. Therefore, this undoubtedly caused his reputation to...

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