Chapter 284: Ten Praying Mats

Chapter 284: Ten Praying Mats

The huge nameless stone tablet quietly stood at the center of the plaza, its ancient aura causing a look of reverence to surface on many people’s faces. It was as if this nameless stone tablet was not a lifeless, and instead possessed a kind of consciousness, a feeling that caused one to feel intimidated.

Little Flame gradually slowed its speed, and later hovered a distance away from the Manifestation Martial Tablet, as its gaze swept about. Currently, there were already many factions and people around the Manifestation Martial Tablet, and after a single look, Lin Dong found the four great clans at the very front.

The four great clans were currently separated by some distance from each other, but the positions that they occupied were the best in the plaza. As the Great Yan Empire’s four great clans, they clearly possessed such qualifications.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept about before pausing at the Lin Clan area. There, a tall figure silently sat. Although he did not speak, one could feel an aloof pride from that person. Evidently, in the face of that figure,...

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