Chapter 283 Manifestation Martial Tablet

Chapter 283 Manifestation Martial Tablet

“You do not know of the Manifestation Martial Tablet?”

Although astonishment quickly flitted across Lin Dong’s face, it was still detected by Mu Qianqian. Immediately, astonishment also surfaced on her pretty face as she asked.

To one side, the Great Devil Sect practitioner’s also looked towards Lin Dong in astonishment. Evidently, they never expected that he would have actually not heard of even this kind of miraculous object.

“It’s the first time I’ve come to the Great Desolate Province to train. Hence I am not too familiar with the things within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Lin Dong casually chuckled before continuing: “Will it be possible for Miss Mu to talk about what this Manifestation Martial Tablet is?”

“If you want to information from me, you will have to pay a price.” Mu Qianqian laughed and replied.

“Take it as compensation for helping to chase away the Ghastly Puppet Cult.” Lin Dong grinned and said, not giving even the slightest chance to Mu Qianqian to take advantage of him.

“Stingy.” Upon seeing this, Mu Qianqian could not help but roll her eyes at Lin Dong. Soon after, she explained: “The Manifestation Martial...

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