Chapter 282: The Might of a High-Grade Symbol Puppet (Teaser)

Chapter 282: The Might of a High-Grade Symbol Puppet

Under the stares of the crowd, Lin Dong’s high-grade Symbol Puppet directly carried streaks of golden light, while it flew across mid-air and directly collided against that giant shadow!


A earth-shattering loud noise violently erupted above this Symbol Puppet Lair, while waves of potent energy shockwaves manically emerged in mid-air. In fact, some of the large metal giant chains nearby were all forcefully shattered due to this vibration.

“Quickly retreat!”

As they stared at that energy shockwaves that swept forth like a hurricane, Mu Qianqian and the rest’s facial expression changed slightly, before they quickly retreated and landed on the edges above the Symbol Puppet lair.

“Boom Boom!”

Giant boulder continuously tumbled off from their surroundings, before they landed into that dark never-ending abyss. Then, the metal net that had been spread across the lair immediately exploded.

“Such a terrifying Symbol Puppet!”

After they found a safe landing spot, the Great Devil Sect elite practitioners witnessed the destruction first hand, while awe filled their eyes.

Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes stared at the spot where...

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